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Alta Sticker Light 3.0 free download link, let you easily make various stickers

Alta Sticker Light 3.0一款实用的桌面便签软件

你是否经常需要在电脑桌面上贴上各种便签提醒自己要做的事情或者给同事朋友传递一些信息你是否觉得纸质的便签容易丢失不够环保而且不够美观如果你有这样的困扰那么你可以试试Alta Sticker Light 3.0一款专业的桌面便签软件

Alta Sticker Light 3.0


Alta Sticker Light 3.0是由Alta Softworks开发的一款免费软件它可以让你在电脑桌面上创建逼真的3D便签并且可以自由地移动调整折叠隐藏它们你可以在便签上输入任何你想要的内容还可以设置闹钟提醒让Alta Sticker Light 3.0在指定的时间播放你选择的音乐并且弹出便签这样你就不会忘记要做的重要事情了

除了在自己的电脑上使用Alta Sticker Light 3.0你还可以通过局域网或者互联网给其他使用该软件的人发送便签你甚至可以附加文件到便签上这些文件也会一起传输而且你可以设置接收方的便签为隐藏状态只有在闹钟响起时才会显示这样你就可以给别人一个惊喜或者提醒他们注意某些事情了

Alta Sticker Light 3.0还有很多其他的功能和特点比如

  • 支持多种颜色和字体的便签

  • 支持透明度和阴影效果的调节

  • 支持内置的便签管理器和通讯录

  • 支持无限数量的便签

  • 支持自动保存和备份便签

  • 支持用户友好的界面和操作

  • 支持Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98等操作系统

如果你想下载并使用Alta Sticker Light 3.0你可以访问以下网址


Alta Sticker Light 3.0: A practical desktop sticky note software

Do you often need to stick various notes on your computer desktop to remind yourself of what you need to do, or to send some information to your colleagues or friends? Do you think paper notes are easy to lose, not environmentally friendly, and not beautiful enough? If you have such troubles, then you can try Alta Sticker Light 3.0, a professional desktop

sticky note software.

Alta Sticker Light 3.0 is a free software developed by Alta Softworks, which allows you to create realistic 3D notes on your desktop and freely move, adjust, fold, and hide them. You can enter any content you want on the notes, and you can also set an alarm reminder, so that Alta Sticker Light 3.0 will play the music you choose at the specified time and pop up the note. This way, you won't forget the important things you need to do.

In addition to using Alta Sticker Light 3.0 on your own computer, you can also send notes to other people who use this software via LAN or Internet. You can even attach files to the notes, and these files will also be transmitted. Moreover, you can set the recipient's note to be hidden and only show up when the alarm goes off. This way, you can give someone a surprise or remind them of something.

Alta Sticker Light 3.0 also has many other features and characteristics, such as:

  • Supports notes of various colors and fonts

  • Supports adjusting transparency and shadow effects

  • Supports built-in note manager and address book

  • Supports unlimited number of notes

  • Supports automatic saving and backup of notes

  • Supports user-friendly interface and operation

  • Supports Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98 and other operating systems

If you want to download and use Alta Sticker Light 3.0, you can visit the following websites :

总之Alta Sticker Light 3.0是一款非常实用和方便的桌面便签软件它可以帮助你管理你的日常事务提高你的工作效率还可以让你的桌面更加美观和有趣如果你对这款软件感兴趣不妨下载试用一下相信你会喜欢它的


In short, Alta Sticker Light 3.0 is a very practical and convenient desktop sticky note software that can help you manage your daily affairs, improve your work efficiency, and make your desktop more beautiful and interesting. If you are interested in this software, why not download it and try it out? I believe you will like it. c5e3be4c90


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