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Sports Betting Kiosk Market Worth US$ 400 Mn By 2027 ? TMR Free

These are exciting times to be in the sports betting kiosk market, since more countries are legalizing sports betting, and as such, there is an increasing need to cater to a large consumer base across new markets. The impactful trend that has disrupted the sports betting kiosk industry is the spurt in the adoption of automated and self-service kiosk solutions at stadiums and sports clubs. With the drumbeat of digitization, market players are stepping up to incorporate digital signage in businesses, and, in turn, save on employing sales representatives. All in all, market players can look at an above-average CAGR of 7% during the period of 2019-2027.

Sports Betting Kiosk Market Worth ~US$ 400 Mn by 2027 – TMR


The sports betting kiosk market in Europe, with lenient betting laws, is projected to lead with a market share of 38% in 2019, as consumers evince high interest in gambling activities, and continuous innovations being brought in by market players concentrated in the region. Another interesting finding of the report shows that, service providers prefer white-labeled kiosks over branded ones, as they look at lowering the per-unit cost of these kiosks. The sales of white-labeled sports betting kiosks are likely to advance at a CAGR of 8%, while that of branded kiosks will register a CAGR of 7% during 2019-2027.

High sales of sports betting kiosks are attributable to their increasing adoption at sports clubs, sports stadiums, betting shops, and gambling clubs, growing at a CAGR of 8% over the course of the forecast period, followed by casinos. However, the popularity of gambling as a leisure activity is likely to turn restaurants, resorts, and hotels into lucrative end users.

As market players look at ways to gain marginal growth, some are poised to reap benefits from centralized record systems to save manual efforts and cut down their workforces. However, market players could possibly encounter a challenge while penetrating sports betting kiosks into end-user segments, given the high cost of installation. The cost-prohibitive nature of these kiosks further carries forward, as the maintenance requirements of these kiosks are high, on account of the frequent replacement of touchscreens.

On top of that, as the integration of digital technology is integral to infiltrating in the consumer space, market players are staying abreast with technology to offer self service kiosks with features such as ticketing, centralized record systems, bet ticket scanning, and ease of self-betting, which gives traction to technological partnerships. For instance, in 2019, KIOSK Information Systems announced a technological partnership with Bitcoin ATM pioneer Bitshop, to offer next-gen Bitcoin ATM systems.

Authors of the report foresee a propitious growth of the sports betting kiosk market during 2019-2027. As per their analysis, a spurt in the adoption of sports betting kiosks will be attributable to the legalization of betting in many regions. Investments made towards offering fully-automated ticketing services will create lucrative sales opportunities for market players, as compared to conventional methods that include longer wait times. Since high installation and maintenance costs displease service providers, and, in turn, lead to low adoption, market players can offer bundled maintenance services for a said duration, especially in new markets. Besides, market players can incorporate efficient malware-preventive software to curb instances of cyber threats.

The comprehensive study on the sports betting kiosk market provides a comprehensive analysis of the market attractiveness by offering insights into the key segments. The sports betting kiosk market has been segregated on the basis of ownership, application, end user, and region. The global study encompasses a country-wise analysis to lend incisive insights into the demand and supply of sports betting kiosks based on various key regions.

Each of the segments included in this report help in gaining crucial insights into the sports betting kiosk market. The study on the sports betting kiosk market offers historical, current, and futuristic trends influencing its growth. In addition to this, it covers value chain analysis, Y-o-Y growth analysis, and supply chain analysis.

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