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Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Super Package

I agree the Synchron venue is a great scoring stage. The available Teldex studio (where the Berlin orchestral library was recorded) is somewhat similar and I like it a lot as well, but I guess this comes down to personal taste. I hope the VSL will now that MIRx settings for MIR pro have just been released also soon release a MIRx Synchron extension for VI pro, as they had previously suggested. I find it great for symphonic music to be able to play it in various concert halls, or for sacral music even in a church. This gives a much better idea how a piece will sound when it is actually performed (hopefully this will be possible again soon ). After all, this flexibility is the ingenious aspect of the entire Silent Stage approach. The Synchronized libraries are just another example that the MIR-based approach works.

Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Super Package

The Vienna Symphonic Library is a research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The company was founded by Herb Tucmandl in October 2000. Since then, more than ten million samples of nearly every symphonic orchestra instrument, choir, and more have been recorded and published. With over five terabytes of high-resolution sound, it is by far the largest sample database ever created by a single company. 350c69d7ab


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