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Ericsson took the lead in the NTT INDYCAR SERIES standings with his third career victory, boosted by the double points awarded in this event. In a fateful twist, all three of his victories have featured red flags, as his wins in 2021 at Detroit and Nashville also included race stoppages.

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Ford designed the 26-horsepower Sweepstakes and defeated Alexander Winton's 70-horsepower Bullet in 10 laps around the one-mile oval of the Detroit Driving Club. The victory lead to Henry Ford's second short-lived attempt at auto manufacture, the Henry Ford Company.

Giro d'Italia overall champion Gilberto Simoni's spurt at the end of the penultimate lap in steady rains brought him his first victory at the Japan Cup cycling road race Utsunomiya, Japan on Sunday.The 28-year-old Italian covered the 11 laps of the 14.1-kilometer course over the 151.3km race in 4:16:58, beating Australian Cadel Evans, who took second and Christophe Brandt of Belgium, who was third. Evans and Brandt both timed 4:17:49 in a photo finish."It was a surprise victory for me, because I hadn't expected to win," Simoni said. "I'm glad I was able to show my good performance in 041b061a72

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