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How to Troubleshoot Port_#0002.Hub_#0003 USB Driver Issues on Windows 10

i got mine working when i did so viat putting it in my windows partition when i was in linux or win7. for those that just want the solution check out teh wiki. if you want to see what i used check it out on github.

port 0002 hub 0003 driver zip

hello, i installed the driver successfully, but i could not find out how to communicate with the computer after i disconnect the usb from radxa zero. in windows, we can setup the device as a registry driver, but the computer could not find it.

a friend of mine got his radxa zero a little while ago, and he is having the same problem as i am. right after updating the os to 17.10, he is not able to use the hub 3000. it doesnt show on his computer nor does it show on the device itself.

i want to compile it, but i'm getting an error on the winusb.sys part on any of the versions above 1.9: "error c2652: 'winusb_installex': function did not return a value" "error c2652: 'winusb_uninstall': function did not return a value" "error c2652: 'winusb_installdevice': function did not return a value" "error c2652: 'winusb_uninstalldevice': function did not return a value" is there any other better way on doing that?"

so this is a very quick short tutorial to show how to sign the x19 driver for winusb, it should also apply to usb2.0 and eusb. assuming you have redhat enterprise 6.2 or fedora core 6.2, you will need only the following:

to get esxi to load the usb-c network driver, you can make use of the vm tools and edit the vmx file that was generated and loaded when you created the virtual machine. edit the file to include something like this:

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