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Creation Ct630 Usb Driver Downloadl [BEST]

Hi EveryoneI am hoping that someone can help me out i have bought a pcut ct630 and i am having nothing but problems with iti bought it second hand and it worked to a degree and it has stoppedit is connected to a desktop that has windows 10 installed and connected via the usb lead their it has now stopped working via the computer but it dose carry out a self test via the cutter and it works ok i am at my wits end and any help will be grately appreciated i was going to reinstall the usb driver but the original disc is missing has anyone have a copy they could help me out withthank you all phil. Hi just an updateWell still at the end of my teather i have loaded windows 7 and sign blazer elaments 6 and still no response i have checked it in different usb ports and still no luckwhen i look in device manager it shows the connection as usb serial converter and then usb serial port comm 3 and in the printer device part of windows that shows the devices connected it shows that the usb connection is to a unspecified device (This is were you can set your default printers)i realy could do with some guidance as i have jobs to cutthanks all phil.

Creation Ct630 Usb Driver Downloadl

Just noticed you are from the UK - wonder if the creation p-cut uses different chipset there (can't imagine why they would be different though). The link I provided was for the chipset driver for the ones uscutter used to sell. The p-cut uses a usb emulation chipset to communicate to the mainboard and that chipset driver has to be installed before it can workhere is the direct creation site for drivers - it list windows xp and windows 7 - I don't see windows 10 though usually the windows 7 drivers still work. Pleaae Please help im going Mad i Have a creation cr630 cant get it to work its driving me MAdi downloaded signblazer and the fdti Drivers as its only USB connection but it will not comunicate with signblazerwhen i go to cut and select cutter there is only pcut ct630 and not cr630 ive made sure all the comport settings are the same in the programmeand the device manager.

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