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Refx Nexus 2 Skins BEST

Hi there! We present you a skins pack Razor 3 by COLOVE Products with update to v1.1 for plugin Nexus 4 by reFX Audio Software. Added some cool new designs, improved previous designs, fixed some issues. Beautiful, modern skins in different tones (Dark, Light or Flat) from COLOVE Team do your plugin and music studio diversify. Try to improve yours plugin with Razor Style 3 and up to the progressive style by COLOVE! We do skins what can be very easily added to your Nexus 4 (VST2/VST3/AAX). We reproduced our style Razor by COLOVE Products for Nexus 4, that is comfortable skins files what easy setup in Nexus 4 / User Menu / Skins Browser. No matter what you have MacOS or Windows, our skins are supported on all systems with minimum system requirements to Nexus v4 and above. Do you have too skins for Vanguard 2 that is must have for reFX fans!?

Refx nexus 2 skins



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