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Of course, this comes at the expense of some challenge. Because of Elden Rings' laissez-faire approach to progression, you can accidentally make the game too easy for yourself by gearing up too much as you explore, or by finding a secret dungeon or boss much later than intended. That is part and parcel for an open-world game, and a relatively minor gripe in any case. Elden Ring is still plenty hard.

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New Content: 1. Challenge Map rewards - earn a new resource by playing this minigame, and spend them on a whole new set of upgrades! 2. Customizable leaderboard icons and titles - show some flair by unlocking new icons and titles via upgrades and challenges. 3. Significantly improved the Farm/Push map perks, and added mini-perks to all the normal maps. 4. Prestiged achievements - continue completing achievements for huge 50 gem rewards, even after completing all 12 stars. 5. New achievements for Challenge Map, Leaderboard Icons, and Helicopter Bonuses. 6. New "Reduce Tech Ship HP gem upgrade".

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