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How to Download the Sheet Music of Zarzuela La Del Manojo De Rosas

How to Download the Sheet Music of Zarzuela La Del Manojo De Rosas

Zarzuela is a Spanish musical genre that combines spoken and sung scenes, often with elements of comedy and romance. One of the most popular zarzuelas is La Del Manojo De Rosas, composed by Pablo SorozÃbal in 1934. The title means "The One with the Bunch of Roses" and it tells the story of a love triangle between a humble mechanic, a rich aristocrat and a flower seller.

Zarzuela La Del Manojo De Rosas Partitura D Pdf

If you are a fan of zarzuela and want to download the sheet music of La Del Manojo De Rosas, you have several options. Here are some of them:

  • You can visit IMSLP, a website that offers free sheet music of public domain works. There you can find the full score and the vocal score of La Del Manojo De Rosas, as well as other zarzuelas by SorozÃbal and other composers. You can download them in PDF format and print them or view them on your device. To access IMSLP, go to and search for La Del Manojo De Rosas[^1^].

  • You can also visit, a website that preserves digital content of various kinds. There you can find a PDF file of La Del Manojo De Rosas that was uploaded by a user named Alcovi. The file contains the libretto (the text) of the zarzuela, but not the music notation. However, it can be useful if you want to follow the plot or learn the lyrics. To access, go to and download the file[^3^].

  • Finally, you can also buy the sheet music of La Del Manojo De Rosas from online stores that sell classical music scores. For example, you can find it on Sheet Music Plus, a website that offers a large catalog of sheet music for various instruments and genres. There you can buy the vocal score of La Del Manojo De Rosas for $24.95 and get it shipped to your address or download it instantly. To access Sheet Music Plus, go to and add it to your cart.

These are some of the ways you can download the sheet music of Zarzuela La Del Manojo De Rosas. We hope this article was helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

La Del Manojo De Rosas is a zarzuela in two acts, divided into six scenes. The libretto was written by Anselmo C. CarreÃo and Francisco Ramos de Castro, based on a comedy sketch by Carlos Arniches. The music was composed by Pablo SorozÃbal, who was influenced by the styles of Federico Chueca and Ruperto ChapÃ. The zarzuela premiered on November 13, 1934, at the Teatro Fuencarral in Madrid, and was a great success with the audience and critics.

The plot of La Del Manojo De Rosas is set in a working-class neighborhood of Madrid in the 1930s. The main characters are AscensiÃn, a flower seller who owns a shop called "La del manojo de rosas"; JoaquÃn, a mechanic who works at a nearby garage and is in love with AscensiÃn; Ricardo, a wealthy aristocrat who pretends to be a pilot and tries to seduce AscensiÃn; Clarita, Ricardo's sister who is engaged to Espasa, a pompous lawyer; and Don Daniel, an old friend of Ricardo's father who acts as a mediator between the lovers. The zarzuela is full of humorous situations, witty dialogues and catchy songs that reflect the spirit of Madrid.

Some of the most famous musical numbers of La Del Manojo De Rosas are: "No cortà mÃs que una rosa", a duet between AscensiÃn and JoaquÃn; "Madrid de mis sueÃos", a pasodoble sung by Ricardo; "ÂQuà te importa que no venga?", a habanera sung by AscensiÃn; "Me llaman la primorosa", an aria sung by Clarita; and "En el balcÃn de mi casa", a chotis sung by AscensiÃn and JoaquÃn. The zarzuela also includes references to other popular zarzuelas, such as El puÃao de rosas by ChapÃ[^2^], which shares the same theme of roses and love. e0e6b7cb5c


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