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TIGERS - get your LED discounts now

Updated: Jan 15

Hello Tigers family! We are delighted to let you know that we have negotiated a BRAND NEW discounted rate  for all TIGERS+ parents at Leisure East Devon from THIS JANUARY.

Join via Tigers and get a 10% discount on a new membership.

Read below to see you you can join


The discounted rate is open to any Tiger over the age of 11 years taking full membership which allows access to pools, studio sessions etc.  You get a TIGERS RATE of 10% discount. Currently full membership is £39.75 so you will get 10% off this.

For Youth the price drops to £24.75 (after discount)

THE OFFER IS CURRENTLY OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS ONLY so you must be joining as a new LED member with a 12 month contract.

PARENTS can join!

The offer is also open to parents of TIGERS - so there's no excuse to get your New Year's resolution done in 2024! WHOOP WHOOP we hear the team members saying!!


  1. If you want to take up the offer contact your team manager.

  2. You will be giving a TIGERS member card.

  3. Take the card and the people who want to join - team membe and parents - to LED

  4. Join as a new member - you will need to sign a form so take some ID with you

  5. Enjoy!

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