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Coronavirus Risk Assessment for Preventing and Managing Outbreaks  


Policy statement 

Axminster Town FC (ATFC) aim to provide a safe and healthy environment, through using the resources available, to try to prevent and manage the cross-infection of the coronavirus. ATFC as a provider must promote the good health of players, adults, siblings, and officers attending the setting. ATFC must have a procedure for responding to attendees who are ill or infectious, take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection, and take appropriate action if they are informed that someone is ill.

Procedures to be followed, to try to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Social Distancing 

The club environment will be organised to ensure social distancing between small groups throughout the session. Entry into the building will be permitted as allowed by the restrictions recommended by the English Football Association, Devon County Football Association ( DCFA ) and government guidelines. The Coaches will need to ensure each group of young players or adults are not exposed to overcrowding in any area, e.g. toilets. The team lead Coach will be responsible for dealing with the players’ or adults’ activities and supervision. All equipment will be cleaned after each group have finished using it, to prevent cross contamination.  


Only members and parents who are symptom free or have completed the required isolation period, will be allowed to attend club training or games. Parents of young players or adults who are clinically vulnerable must inform the coaches to discuss if the procedures set out are suitable for their attendance, before returning.  


General Hygiene Practices 

The premises will be thoroughly checked and cleaned before after each session. The cleaning routine is detailed in a separate document.  


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations 

The cleaning products necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus are potentially hazardous. These include antibacterial cleaning products, washing up liquid, alcohol-based hand sanitisers and sterilising fluids.  

Effects of hazardous substances

Skin and Eye irritations, Asthma because of developing allergy to substances used by ATFC. Losing consciousness because of being overcome by the products’ fumes.  


Precautions required

All hazardous products must be kept in a cupboard, or locked container, that is not accessible to young players. Coaches must read instructions on product labels and wear appropriate protection (disposable gloves and apron, goggles, face covering) when using any of these products. There will be a hand sanitiser dispenser at the main entrance and at various places in the clubhouse.        


Control Measures (reducing the risk)  


Washing Hands 

Ensure everyone is aware of the necessity of washing hands. The Coaches must consistently role model correct hand washing procedures with their group of young players. There will also be bottles of sanitiser accessible for general use.  



All surfaces need to be cleared of dirt & dust with a wet cloth and then cleaned using an antibac cleaner/wipes after each group has finished playing or training.   


Waste Disposal

All waste must be disposed of in a hygienic and safe manner in the outdoor bin, which is collected by a professional waste disposal firm.  


Resources (equipment and kit)

All equipment will be cleaned after it has been used by a group. Resources are not to be shared between groups. Outdoor resources must also be cleaned after group use.  


All Clothes or personal sports equipment will be taken home and washed or cleaned by the parent or adult.  


Group Activities (Training)

Although the players and coaches will be in their own small groups, social distancing will always be maintained by the coaches and their group. The young players and adults will need to bring their own clearly labelled drink bottles. There will be disposable paper cups available as a back-up.

Bar area

People approaching the bar must wait at least 2m apart until asked to come forward to be served. They will be asked to place their order at the order point and pay with a card if possible. Once the transaction is complete they will be asked to collect their drinks at the collection point and exit the bar area by following the one way system.


All youth players to arrive in their playing kit and shower at home. Adult players to arrive in their kit, after the match players should change in two groups and kit to be washed at home by the individual.  Player entry to the main pitch will be through the player entrance as normal but make way to the pitch and not to congregate around the player & officials area. Hand sanitizer will be available to use at the player entrance. A list of players attending from the opposition to be give to an Axminster FC official electronically.

Match Officials 

All Match officials to arrive via the players & officials entrance using the hand sanitizer provided. Match officials can meet on the pitch, if wet at social distance in the clubhouse.


All personal medication must be clearly labelled and put into an individual container, then into a storage container to stop cross-contamination. The coach must wipe the container with an anti-bac cloth and use appropriate PPE (gloves or hand gel) when collecting or returning it to the adult or parents. Coaches should also wear gloves when writing up and handing over the medicine or accident book for the parents to sign. This will also apply when asking parents to complete any documents. Parents will be offered hand gel before and after they have signed and dated the books.  

Visitors/Site User

Visitors will not be allowed into the building when young players are present. Only parents or qualified people will be allowed in the building while young players are present. Repairs and Maintenance will have to be completed outside of Clubhouse use, playing or training hours. Social distancing guidelines must always be followed.  


Young players’ Well-being

ATFC has supported all the adult and young players during the closure, through sending texts, using social media and emails.



All Coaches should be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 and follow all guidelines. Attendance- only if they are symptom free, have completed required isolation period or achieved a negative test result.  



All Coaches and members will be informed of all the new working practices and FA/DCFA guidelines.  



Coaches need to wear appropriate clothing to reduce the spread of the infection. They should all change at the end of the session to prevent cross-contamination at home. All Coaches must wear appropriate PPE when dealing with the young players’ first aid requirements. Any member or Coach who is anxious about their safety will have the support of the management to talk through their concerns.      


Responding to Suspect Cases

In the event of a suspected case of Covid-19, the child or adult will be separated from their group and a Coaching member, wearing appropriate PPE, will watch the child or adult until the parent arrives or the adult can be safely taken home or for medical treatment. Coaches will then have to deep clean all areas the infected person has had contact with, again wearing appropriate PPE. All emergency contacts for the young players will be updated, as these may be different due to social distancing rules within family units. 


Contact Information

Each coach will hold a full list of players and contacts for their group in accordance with the ATFC Data Protection and Privacy Policies. They shall hold a list of names with contact numbers for emergencies only during the sessions they are managing. The coach MUST contact the players emergency contact (Parent, Guardian, or Partner) if they suspect that someone has been affected. Self-isolation and medical help MUST be recommended. If a case of Covid-19 is suspected or confirmed the ATFC Welfare Officer MUST be informed immediately.  


Further Action

If an infection is confirmed the Coach MUST also inform the contact of all other players within their group. The Coach MUST also inform the Club Welfare Officer who will recommend any further action. The Youth and Adult section secretary’s MUST also be informed so that they can inform the Leagues and DCFA of an infection within ATFC. A decision will then be made regarding training and games being played, in accordance with the Leagues, DCFA and FA recommendations.  


This policy was adopted by Axminster FC (name of provider) on 19th July 2020. Date to be reviewed: 1st December 2020


Signed on behalf of the provider: Name of signatory and role: Mark Burrough, Club Welfare Officer.

Contact:  Telephone: 07816769154  Email:    

Address: Abbey Cottage, Abbey Lane, Axminster, Devon EX13 8TS




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